A male gamer spends 519 million to hire a female friend to play games with. If he can’t fall in love, he demands compensation

In China today, countless new professions have emerged to meet market needs, including professions specializing in playing games with customers. However, sometimes customers cannot distinguish between work and private life, leading to many scandals like the story below.​


In October 2019, through an intermediary platform, a male Chinese gamers named Luu Kim (fake name) spent money to hire Ton Quyen (fake name) to play League of Legends with me. Initially, Liu Kim paid the deposit via the platform, but when the two parties became familiar with each other, Liu Kim transferred the salary directly to his Wechat account (a popular messaging and electronic payment software in China). by Ton Quyen.

From November 2019 until April 2020, Luu Kim transferred a total of 72,400 yuan (257 million VND) to Ton Quyen. By February 2020, Luu Kim began to develop feelings for Ton Quyen and confessed to her many times but was rejected. During that process, Luu Kim bought watches, makeup, and cosmetics as gifts for his “crush” with a total value of up to 73,766 yuan (262 million VND).​


It is known that Ton Quyen always refuses Luu Kim’s gifts, but the male gamer doesn’t care and just orders online and sends them straight to her house. Ton Quyen signed to receive and use these gifts, but she still refused to accept Luu Kim’s feelings. She suggested that if two people fell in love online, they would have to stop playing games together, but Luu Kim did not agree.

The two sides had a conflict, in the end Luu Kim sued Ton Quyen in court on charges of fraud, illegal profiteering and demanded compensation of more than the 519 million he spent to rent and buy gifts for Ton Quyen. Recently, the People’s Court of Wuhu District of Hunan Province rejected Liu Jin’s lawsuit on the grounds of insufficient evidence, all of which were Liu Jin’s voluntary actions.

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