A group of older gamers founded an Esports team, the youngest member is also 66 years old

Mentioned Esports or e-sports, we will certainly immediately think of young players with amazing hand movements. Although the number of elderly gamers in the world is increasing, Esports is still a playground dominated by young people, with very few people intending to participate in professional competition when they are older.​



However, that changed when recently an all-elderly Esports team was officially established in Japan. NHK reported that this team is called 黑熊 (Black Bear), with the participation of 8 men with an average age of 69 years old, of which the oldest is 73 years old and the youngest is 66 years old. .

It is known that the elderly men all share the same love Fortnite – game title Battle Royale making waves in European countries, this will also be the direction that Black Bear focuses on developing in the future. The elderly men are all mentally and physically good, and they are currently actively training to participate in professional Fortnite tournaments.​

Silver Snipers

Black Bear members said that the purpose of establishing an Esports team full of elderly gamers is to both create an environment to help them develop their strengths and let their children and grandchildren “know each other”. This is also not the first time an e-sports team consists of senior players was established, previously CS:GO’s Silver Sniper team also attracted the attention of the player community when it gathered all the elderly.

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