5 years after launch, Sea of ​​Thieves finally has a Solo mode

Since pirate’s adventure game Rare Launched in 2018, the developer has received many inquiries about the addition of a solo mode. And now, it finally becomes a reality in December when Season 10 on air. Players will not have to worry about other pirates stealing their treasure.


In a post on Xbox Wire, creative director Mike Chapman explained the decision. “We hope that Skull of Siren Song will encourage competitive play while recognizing that a quieter and more independent experience may be more appropriate for some players,” Mr. Chapman said. That’s why, in December, the third main feature of Season 10 will introduce a brand new game mode that allows players to experience Sea of ​​Thieves alone or with a group of friends.”

Playing alone is part of the feature Safer Seas. This mode is intended to make Sea of ​​Thieves more approachable for new players and provide a quieter map for existing players who want to adventure “on their own”.

To balance the game, rewards in Safer Seas mode will be reduced relative to multiplayer mode, this mode will be renamed to High Seas. Trading Companies will reward less gold and reputation for treasure delivered (although Seasonal Fame is still awarded as before). Players will not be able to achieve Pirate Legend status or receive voyages from the trading company Athena’s Fortune in Safer Seas mode. In addition, some of the game’s PvP-centric features also do not appear in Safer Seas, such as The Reaper’s Bones, the Emissary system, and Faction battles.

High Seas is still the main and most attractive gameplay of Sea of ​​Thieves, while Safer Seas offers a “chill” gameplay so players can explore and learn more about pirate life in a friendly environment. than. The developer hopes this will broaden the appeal of Sea of ​​Thieves and attract more players to find their adventurous spirit, thereby heading out to the High Seas and proving themselves as Pirate Legends.


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