40 CS:GO accounts with a total value of over 2 million USD have “disappeared”

About 40 trading accounts CS:GO there have been Valve ban, completely remove many items in the game with a total value of more than 2 million USD. As reported by Dexerto, last month, betting website CSGOEmpire shared a document containing a list of CS:GO trading accounts that had potentially illegally laundered millions of dollars in cryptocurrency through via rival site CSGORoll. Currently, almost all trading accounts that appear on the list have been banned, meaning players will not be able to buy a lot of skins with a total value of more than 2 million USD in the game. These skins and fashion items will be permanently removed from CS:GO


The owner of CSGORoll denied all the allegations in a lengthy Twitter post: “I own a skin trading platform in the form of betting, by law the platform is not classified as a casino in the largest market as we do not provide cash out service.Contracted skin providers are not allowed to participate in playing on this platform, therefore we can legally pay cryptocurrency for trading representatives to ensure we have a liquid market at all times. And we stay up to date with current regulatory regulations to ensure that our site is compliant with the law.”

Valve has not officially commented on the matter, although it clearly appears that the bans and allegations are linked. Some players are currently selling their in-game assets, which is obviously a panic reaction to worries about their accounts being banned.


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