2 brand new shooting games entered the hottest PC game rankings


New names appear in our hot game rankings Steam last weekend were all in line shooting game. Splitgate and Back 4 Blood has entered the top 10 games on Valve’s platform.

This is a fairly predictable result for Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock’s highly anticipated game and the successor to Left 4 Dead. Splitgate is a free shooting game that has been attracting attention recently. Splitgate is a competitive shooter that revolves around movement, taking advantage of dimensional portals to appear behind enemies and overcome obstacles quickly.


Splitgate also set a record for the highest number of online players at nearly 68,000 – an incredible record for a two-year-old game. Before July, Splitgate’s record for the number of online players was 11,000, much lower than today.

Users who pre-ordered Back 4 Blood can now experience the beta. The co-op zombie shooter hit nearly 100,000 players last Friday and had a player base of between 30 and 90 thousand over the weekend.


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