PC gamers will be able to try out Starfield’s latest update 2 weeks earlier than consoles

Starfield will receive a huge update this coming Wednesday, January 17. In spite of Bethesda The full patch content hasn’t been announced yet, but the developer has given players an overview of what to expect. Based on a recent tweet from the studio, the game seems to be undergoing quite a few bug fixes as well as visual improvements.

It’s worth noting that the January 17 update, which includes “over 100” bug fixes and other tweaks, will only be accessible to PC players who have opted into the Steam Beta. They will be testing new features before they are officially released.


According to Bethesda, players exploring the universe on Xbox (or playing on PC via Game Pass) will have to wait about two weeks before they can access the update’s features, which include the following:​

  • Fixed various quest errors
  • The Eye Of The Storm quest will now allow players to connect to Legacy and transfer data correctly
  • Temples from the Into The Unknown quest will now appear correctly
  • Fixed other mission errors that prevented Constellation members from exploring the galaxy
  • Improved stability
  • Graphics improvements
  • Wide screen support
  • Texture is improved
  • Improve lighting
  • Improved shading
  • Correct the shape of the solar disk
  • Improved planet ring shading
  • Bulldozed objects will no longer reappear when returning to the outpost
  • Some ship hatches will no longer be marked as inaccessible
  • Asteroids will no longer follow player ships across the galaxy

It seems likely that Bethesda will announce the full content of the update at the same time as allowing Steam Beta players to try it out. The official launch date for other platforms has not yet been confirmed, but only a vague period of 2 weeks later as mentioned above.


Hopefully this huge update will bring players a more positive experience with Bethesda’s latest masterpiece. However, to truly “change the skin” like CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 did, perhaps Starfield still has a long way to go.​

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