10 crazy difficult horror games, contraindicated for gamers with a weak heart

Ebola 2


Ebola 2 is the title horror game first-person perspective, heavily inspired by the Resident Evil series. Like many other games of the same genre, taking the first-person perspective increases the feeling of confusion and fear because the player will never know if something unstable is jumping out from behind them. Ebola 2 is difficult, partly because the game does not allow players to save their progress whenever they want, partly because the zombies are incredibly resilient in the game, they do not die even after being hit by many bullet wounds. As soon as the zombies fall, gamers must burn their bodies to completely destroy them. Ebola 2 is so difficult that many people who don’t have enough patience have to give up halfway through.



If you love movies horrified of Japan, Siren is a name not to be missed. Siren is dark, grim and scary. Gray-based graphics create a constant feeling of sadness and fear, the misty space and constant rain make gamers hold their breath. Everything is vague and uncertain, giving a feeling of emptiness and once the player does not know what to do, the tension increases even more and it is easy to make serious mistakes.

Alien: Isolation


The game sometimes feels a bit like Outlast. Although the gameplay is nothing special, the plus point of Alien: Isolation is that it creates a scary atmosphere, slowly planting seeds in the player’s mind, combined with stealth action segments. and unpredictable enemy behavior. The climax is when meeting the Alien for the first time, the player needs to be mentally prepared because the Xenomorph can suddenly appear anywhere, from the tunnel, the ceiling, in the room and is ready to kill Amanda Ripley immediately. ie. No weapon can destroy them. Even a flamethrower can only frighten them for a moment, and once it’s all over, they once again turn to face you.



GTFO is a first-person shooter game. The game is not too complicated in terms of gameplay and is very reminiscent of Left 4 Dead but still has many differences. In GTFO, four players work together to descend into an underground area to complete a series of missions assigned by someone named The Warden. The game is quite interesting but it is also a big challenge, requiring coordination between members and tactical thinking.

Dead Space


Necromorphs are definitely one of the most annoying enemies because they are not only persistent but also very agile, cunning and dangerous. “New players” playing Dead Space for the first time are likely to be killed by these zombies. Another thing that makes Dead Space difficult to write is the main character’s skills. Unlike most other games, the main character is not a special forces soldier, he doesn’t seem to know how to use a gun. This is also one of the best horror games set in space that players should not miss.

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