The 12-year-old boy caused a stir because he graduated from high school and university at the same time, claiming to have little education but only playing games.

Yesterday, the American website ABC News reported the story of 12-year-old genius boy Mike Wimmer, currently living in North Carolina (USA). Prodigies always have strange lives that we can hardly imagine and Mike is no exception, he successfully graduated from both high school and college in the same week.​ ​ Little Mike Wimmer used his…

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Animal Night Market: Join the bustling night market in the world of cute animals

Animal Night Market, a newly launched business simulation game, takes players into the role of a smart rabbit and begins the journey of rebuilding the Animal Night Market. Animal Night Market is a mobile business simulation game recently released by Memuu. With the perfect combination of restaurant management gameplay and lively community simulation, Animal Night…

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