Voilà Artist – A hot app on Facebook that turns people into Disney characters

Voilà Artist is a smartphone photo editing application that can turn user selfies and portraits into 2D and 3D animations; even caricatures quickly using artificial intelligence technology WHO.​ Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo.​ This ultimate transformation app released by Wemagine.AI, allows users to upload a photo of themselves or someone else and turn them into…

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The 3D League of Legends anime released a new trailer, revealing the intertwined love and hate relationship of Jinx and Vi

As part of Netflix’s Geeked Week taking place last Friday, Riot and Netflix has released the latest images of Arcane – series anime first full of League of Legends. The trailer partly shows us the complicated relationship between two famous League of Legends champions, Jinx and Vi.​ ​ From the trailer, it can be seen…

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Ubisoft’s new shooting game has been delayed due to not meeting Console standards

​ Ubisoft release date has been postponed XDefiant after the free FPS title failed Console’s certification tests Microsoft and Sony. Although the game was targeted to launch this summer, executive producer Mark Rubin said XDefiant will likely release in October because the publisher needs to ensure the game meets its requirements. request of owners of…

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