With immense charisma, Mortal Kombat fans make people fascinated with their amazing cosplay performance

The costumes are meticulous in every detail, the female character Kitana’s transformation cosplayer received many compliments from the online community.

Every character in the universe Mortal Kombat All have impressive costumes and weapons – something that brings endless inspiration to cosplayers. Among them, Kitana is probably one of the names chosen by many cosplayers. Recently, coser professional sophie_valentine also has an excellent transformation into this character. With neat outfits and top charisma, sophie_valentine’s achievements received many compliments from netizens.


First appearing in Mortal Kombat 2, Kitana continuously appeared in many games and movies as the princess and daughter of Shao Kahn, the main villain of the series. Each game version, Kitana is designed with different costumes. During times cosplay hey, sophie_valentine got the idea from Kitana’s outfit in Mortal Kombat 9.

Worth mentioning, this outfit previously faced a lot of criticism for lacking fabric, but sophie_valentine did a great job in refining it to create a harmonious whole. The cosplay is quite detailed, from the signature patterned thigh-high boots to the bracelets on the arms and the blue crown. Many fans also think that this outfit is even more beautiful than the original version.

Besides Kitana, sophie_valentine has also cosplayed many other famous characters. Let’s admire some of the excellent transformations of this female coser:

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