Warframe – Amazing shooting game on PC reveals Mobile version


Last weekend was the annual TennoCon event (online version called TennoLive), where developers Digital Extremes (based in Canada and the US) made several announcements for the title shooting game His top – Warframe. The most interesting information is definitely the Cross Save, Cross Play updates (cross play, cross save). At the same time, Warframe also confirmed the appearance of an upcoming mobile version.

Specifically, Digital Extremes showed off the in-development Cross Save and Cross Play features, which will allow Warframe players to seamlessly continue their adventures in the Origin System, as well as duke it out with other players. on every platform where Warframe is available. Finally, the development team confirmed that they are working very hard to launch the mobile version of Warframe in the near future. Other than that, no other details were revealed.


Warframe is an online third-person multiplayer shooter game developed and published by Digital Extremes. The game was first released on PC in 2013 and then expanded to PS, Xbox and Switch in the following years.

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