Vietnamese universities are preparing to have a Game major, enrolling students this year

According to estimates, in 2023, the total revenue of the gaming industry in the world will reach 187.7 billion USD. That number in Southeast Asia alone reached 5.3 billion USD; increased 120% compared to 2019. It can be said that games are currently a key smokeless industry in the 4.0 era; brings huge economic benefits.

However, in Vietnam, talents in this field are in short supply. In the next 2-3 years, it is estimated that our country will need about 30 thousand more human resources for the industry. Therefore, one of the current urgent needs is to train professional, highly specialized human resources for the gaming industry, including eSports.

Share more about this issue at the announcement event International Game Exhibition 2024, Mr. Le Quang Tu Do, Director of the Department of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information (Ministry of Information and Communications) said: From September 2024, the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology will officially open enrollment. for game majors. Students studying this major will be equipped with knowledge and skills in game design and development at a high level. The school’s target for this major is about 200 students

According to Mr. Do, trained human resources here will only need 3-6 months to be able to “practice”. He also emphasized that the game industry mentioned here includes the ecosystem of game production, game publishing and game-related activities, not the gaming industry as many people mistakenly think. This will be the first time Vietnam embarks on in-depth training at the university level as well as vocational training for this field, aiming to develop and expand the gaming industry in the future.​

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