Vietnamese e-sports opens 2024 with a series of new development agreements

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Chairman VIRESA and Mr. Park Jongil, CEO Woori Bank Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement (Photo: VIRESA)

According to the agreement, Woori Bank Vietnam will become a special companion partner of the Vietnamese League of Legends national team at domestic and international tournaments, and a companion partner of national teams. electronic Sports Vietnam at international tournaments and activities as well as being a companion partner at tournament events hosted by VIRESA in Vietnam.

Previously, Woori Bank Vietnam was known as the sponsor of the Vietnamese League of Legends national team at the Vietnam – Korea League of Legends friendly tournament, taking place in September 2023, and nearly especially the sponsor of the Vietnamese e-sports team at ASIAD 19, taking place in October 2023.


Assessing the potential of cooperation between VIRESA and Woori Bank Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Chairman of VIRESA, said that the support of businesses from Korea marks a promising transformation for e-sports. Vietnam in 2024. Building on the existing development momentum, this agreement will strongly promote investment activities in the industry, thereby creating better conditions for Vietnamese e-sports to advance. step towards high achievements at regional and international tournaments, aiming for SEA Games 33 (2025) and ASIAD 20 (2026).

Mr. Park Jongil, CEO of Woori Bank Vietnam, affirmed that with the expectation of creating a healthy entertainment culture for the young generation, Woori Bank Vietnam has always paid special attention to e-sports, Accompanying in raising awareness as well as spreading the healthy entertainment value of this sport.

On NASEF’s part, the goal of signing with VIRESA includes promoting and utilizing the resources of both parties in supporting the development of e-sports for the benefit of students, athletes and students. educators as well as the e-sports community, at the same time exchange and transfer resources of the parties to deploy e-sports training, coaching and education for students – one of the activities Dynamics are focused on by VIRESA.

Meanwhile, for Golf 1 Studio, the system developed and operated by GM International Sports Joint Stock Company, the two sides aim to commit to cooperate in implementing the national tournament system for the subject. e-Golf, one of the new generation simulation sports, tournaments such as national championships for professional athletes, young athletes, female athletes as well as clubs.

Mr. Do Viet Hung (right), General Secretary of VIRESA, and Mr. Pham Hoai Nam (left), Director of GM International Sports Joint Stock Company with the Golf1 Studio system, successfully signed a cooperation agreement. (Photo: VIRESA)

According to the head of VIRESA, these 03 agreements signed simultaneously in early 2024 are a good sign. This will be the basis for the parties to support each other in completing their goals, speed up the progress of ongoing cooperation between VIRESA and companion partners as well as be a premise to promote new cooperation.

In the coming time, VIRESA will continue to strengthen connections with domestic and international units to take advantage of resources to awaken the development potential for Vietnamese entertainment e-sports and make money from it. topic to keep pace with the flow of the times, gradually realizing the industry’s goal of reaching a world-class level“, Mr. Cuong emphasized.


At the same time, after the signing ceremony, VIRESA held the first ceremony to honor and confer the 2024 e-sports entertainment class for athletes with outstanding achievements at major sports events and tournaments. regionally and internationally such as SEA Games 32 and ASIAD 19. This is an annual event to honor individuals and groups who have made positive contributions, and is also an activity to express gratitude to accompanying and working partners. look back at the industry’s achievements.

This year, a total of 70 athletes achieved the title of grandmaster athlete. Previously, at last year’s event, 83 athletes were awarded the title of e-sports master athlete, more than 20 individuals were awarded the title of national athlete and national coach, and more than 40 teams were awarded the title of national athlete. be honored.

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