Top 10 free games for gamers to save money for happy new year (P2)

6. Farlight 84


If you are a fan of Battle Royale gameplay, Farlight 84 will be a name worth considering for you to experience. The game will take players to Sao Sak – a mysterious planet with unique terrain, from dangerous canyons to mysterious laboratories or abandoned mining areas… Here, you You will have to break through enemy lines, capture bases and try to become the last survivor.

7. Marvel Snap


With Marvel Snap, players can build their own decks of Marvel superheroes or villains and participate in battles across 50 different locations in the universe. The game has a unique mechanism called “SNAP”, which allows players to increase their bets during the match and put pressure on their opponents. For example: When you feel you have the upper hand, you can double your bet. If you win, you will receive a reward twice as large as the original.

8. World of Tanks

Entering the world of World of Tanks, you will have the opportunity to command more than 600 tanks and military vehicles ranging from World War II to the mid-20th century. Choose your favorite vehicle to play. Participate in epic PVP battles. The rules of the game will depend on each specific level of play, it could be destroying the entire enemy faction or it could be just capturing the enemy base.



Set in a toy factory, gamers will form groups of 6 and be thrown into a merciless battle with a wandering monster, which can appear in any corner of the factory. Meanwhile, the 7th player will be responsible for controlling monsters with a single mission: Find and kill everyone.

ten. Paladins


Paladins will take you to a bright fantasy world, filled with magic with a large cast of heroes. Here, you can play as a sniper, a grenade expert, a track star or even an ogre. Each hero possesses a unique set of skills, promising to create diversity and unexpected developments on the battlefield.​

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