Still Waking the Deep – Floating in the middle of the sea, how to hide from monsters?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were stranded at sea? How to survive and return to the mainland? This is the question that players of Still Waking the Deep – project horror game developer’s puzzle The Chinese Roomwill have to answer.

Still Wakes the Deep is set on a remote Scottish oil rig in the 1970s. Playing as an electrician named Caz McLeary, you and your colleagues will work on this rig. But a sudden catastrophic incident occurs, some colleagues die, some go missing, and you suddenly find yourself alone in the middle of a stormy sea. What awaits you is not only being cut off from the mainland, lacking food and drink, but also being hunted by a hideous creature – a monster ready to end your life.

Still Wakes the Deep does not have any combat system and according to the developer, the character you play as is not an “action hero”. This further highlights the “helplessness” of the player, making every decision you make can have a big impact on the game’s progression.

Exploring the rig and solving puzzles will become the only way for players to find life. In the process, you will have to overcome flooded areas or destroyed rooms, and unlock new areas to continue exploring.

Still Waking the Deep is expected to release on June 18 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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