Shooting game Tribes 3: Rivals gameplay revealed


Videos about gameplay. gameplay of section New Tribes game was shared online ahead of the public playtest this weekend. The most recent game in this series is Tribes: Ascend, released in 2012, developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios.

Tribes 3: Rivals developed by Prophecy Games, an independent studio founded in 2019 and affiliated with Hi-Rez Studios. Two Tribes 3: Rivals demo videos, recorded on the official Tribes Discord server, show off the game’s 5v5 quest mode in snowy and desert maps along with a variety of weapons. Prophecy Games also shared screenshots of the game on the server.

Prophecy Games is a Hi-Rez-based studio, so many Tribes: Ascend developers also contributed to Tribes 3. The studio’s community manager said on Discord: “A lot of (Tribes) core members : Ascend) remains involved in the development of this new Tribes game, especially in terms of maps and physics.”

The new Tribes game will enter a large-scale playtest taking place this Wednesday and Thursday (November 29 and 30). Players will be able to stream gameplay during the process. 5v5 Quest is currently the only game mode in the demo.

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