Review Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – A good game ruined by live-service

After years of introductions, delays, controversies and leaks, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Leaguea third-person, live-service, open-world shooter by Rocksteady has finally released. The game is set in the same universe Batman Arkham studio, takes place several years after Arkham Knight finished. Batman faked his death, joined the Justice League, and went to Metropolis to become close friends with Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern. Everything goes well until Brainiac arrives, mind-controlling all of them — except Wonder Woman — and turning the powerful heroes into enemies of the very things they once protected. Now, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and Deadshot – DC super villains with bombs implanted in their heads – will be the last hope to “kill the Justice League” and save the world.


The game’s graphics are quite good, with detailed characters and epic (though a bit confusing) explosive battles. Combat is well designed. Each character in the team has its own bright spots, then blends together throughout the game. The game’s story is written quite well, making us believe Suicide Squad are actually evil people saving the world. The interactions of the four are very smooth, with interesting jokes and thoughtful moments.


But…there is more than one but. First, the whole team talked too much, sometimes three or four different conversations happening at the same time, causing interesting things or important information to be obscured. Not having too many repeated dialogues is a bright spot, but the fact that they overlap will certainly make gamers look for the shortcut button. But that’s just the starting point.


Suicide Squad’s Main Campaign has a nice and impressive introduction that helps players quickly identify the “heroes”, explains how the team’s Boss, Amanda Waller, controls them and sets up the battle. This confidence and perfect pacing in the first few hours will surely win over many gamers. However, once the game opens up more and lets you drop into the city of Metropolis, things quickly go downhill. Aside from the introduction and a few boss battles, all this game is about is defending a location, saving someone, or shooting something.

The structure of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is like this: You watch an exciting cutscene, learn the next step in your plan to save the world, and then go on some kind of mission that you’ve been working on. Previously in a new location with some new enemies. Repeat that for about 15 to 20 hours depending on how much of the game’s side content you want to experience.


Rocksteady seems to understand how boring this repetition can be, tweaking some missions to force players to complete them in specific ways. However, this method leads to other shortcomings. For example, when faced with enemies that can only be killed by grenades, but you don’t build your character that way, alas, everything will go to hell.

However, that is still not the game’s most deadly weakness. Be careful when reading further, because there are spoilers below.

Before the credits roll, the game builds towards a climactic encounter with Brainiac. There are up to 13 Brainiacs across the multiverse and players will need to kill them all to save the world. To do this, you’ll need to play Suicide Squad’s endgame stage, which includes repetitive missions and boss battles that award you a currency that allows you to challenge new Brainiacs in different universes. different pillars. Then guess what? You’ll have to do a few more of the same missions you did hours before before you can fight Brainiac. And… the final battle with Brainiac turned out to be very similar to the previous battle with Flash, if only the appearance was different. Then the credits start rolling.


Instead of ending with an epic victory, and the Suicide Squad proving that they are more than just miserable bad guys, the game ends by telling the player: “You will have to keep playing for months.” Only then can we truly save the world.” It robs you of a complete and satisfying ending, just because of something that many players hate: live-service. WB and Rocksteady want you to play this game for a long time, buy skins and other things to fill their pockets, but just spending nearly 1 and a half million VND to buy the game is too little. A resounding slap in the player’s face instead of giving them the ending they deserve.

In short, as the title says, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League could have been a good game, if not ruined by boring repetitive missions and live-service. In general, what else can you expect from a game owned and published by Warner Bruh?

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