Playing Yin Yang Su, a male gamer pretended to be a girl and cheated him of more than 300 million

In the current era of technological development, online fraud is no longer a new thing, however, with many sophisticated tricks, every year there are still many victims who lose money and property in scams. this island. A Chinese player of the game Yin Yang Master is also one of them.

It is known that while playing Yin Yang Master, Mr. Quach got acquainted and fell in love with a girl. During that process, Quach transferred a total of 90,000 yuan (about 306 million VND) to his lover without knowing that it was all a trick.​

Tran was arrested by the police for fraud

Actually, there is no girl here. The person who is always in love with Quach online is a man named Tran. Tran often takes pictures of girls from the internet and sends them to Quach. Sometimes he pretends to be a girl to talk to his “lover”. Next, Tran used the excuse of buying a phone, buying a computer or paying rent to ask Quach for money.

Of course, on anniversaries or holidays like Valentine’s Day, like many other Chinese men, Guo always transfers money to congratulate his girlfriend. Tran even tricked Quach into linking Tran’s account to a “family member” on Wechat (a Chinese messaging application and electronic wallet) so he could freely spend Quach’s money.​

Quach transferred money to Tran on anniversaries

However, the needle that had been in the bag for a long time came out, and Tran’s trick was revealed. This fraudster was arrested by the police of Ningbo city, Zhejiang province (China) for property fraud and will be subject to corresponding punishment according to this country’s law.​

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