Players write mods for gamers to play Squid Game in GTA 5

Although he was involved in many controversies when he first aired, it cannot be denied that Squid Game – series Korean survival film, has created a fever in many countries around the world. And it doesn’t stop there, it seems like this movie is continuing to penetrate deeper into the virtual world.

Squid Game revolves around the stories of 100 different people from all over Korea, they all have one thing in common: they are currently having financial difficulties and want to win the contest to receive money. Huge bonus up to 45 million USD. For that reason, they do not hesitate to set foot on a strange island, participating in games that seem familiar but are extremely crazy and satisfying…

Player GTA 5 are getting the chance to experience exactly what happens in Squid Game thanks to these versions mod special that gamers create. Accordingly, players can participate in games inspired by movies such as Green Light and Red Light. Characteristic objects and locations of Squid Game are also recreated in GTA 5 such as giant dolls, glass bridges or bedrooms where contestants rest after overcoming “death and death”…​


Along with the popularity of Squid Game, a spin-off game called Fish Game has recently appeared with a setting and gameplay similar to the masterpiece of Squid Game. Netflix. As you know, Netflix is ​​also participating in the gaming industry, maybe in the future we will get an official Squid Game from Netflix.

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