Palworld has completed 60% progress, will have PvP mode

In an interview with Automaton, CEO Pocket Pair Takuro Mizobe shared about the current development situation of Palworld. “I think all the basic functions have been built, so it’s probably about 60% complete,” he said. In the next phase, the studio will focus on completing and refining the details of the game.

Besides that, Pocket Pair also plans to add new gameplay, features or “anything else that comes from community reaction” to Palworld, e.g. PvP. However, Mr. Mizobe also expressed that adding PvP mode to the game in its current state is a big challenge for the development team. By trying to PvE and PvP working together means developing a game with significant design limitations.


In a PvE multiplayer game, developers can easily add a singleplayer mode without making major changes to the game’s systems. But for PvP, things are not as simple as “just let players fight”. Mizobe admitted that he and other developers made a mistake by hastily deciding to develop a PvP mode. It wasn’t until they started implementing that they realized the barriers they were facing. The CEO of Pocket Pair also revealed that they need to resolve inconsistencies in the game’s design before launching the PvP mode, so perhaps gamers need to wait a little longer to get it. You can experience the new gameplay of this game that is taking the market by storm.

It can be said that Palworld is an incredible success for Pocket Pair. Just launched the Early Access version on January 19, but within 6 days, the game has sold over 7 million copies globally with the number of players online at the same time reaching 1.86 million, surpassing Another famous name is Counter-Strike 2. Although currently entangled in scandals related to plagiarism, it does not seem to affect the enthusiasm of gamers for this game.​

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