Onmyoji Arena – Onmyoji Arena (Onmyoji MOBA) – released in Vietnam on April 21

Today April 21, Dzogame has been officially released Onmyoji Arena – games MOBA 5vs5 with an original storyline set in the Ping An period of Japan. This is considered a very anticipated event for the community of gamers who love Am Duong Su in Vietnam.

Onmyoji Arena (Onmyoji MOBA) – possesses a beautiful 3D graphics platform with high detail and voice acting by leading Japanese “Seiyuu”. Besides, the game also gives players vivid MOBA experiences with the most carefully designed characters.

A fair competitive fighting environment


One advantage that Onmyoji Arena players (Onmyoji MOBA) will certainly find very exciting is that the paid buff system is completely eliminated. Now, players can freely use their own strategies to create Yin Yang Jutsu combinations, making the game a completely fair game for players.


Besides, NSX NetEase also carefully balances each character’s combat performance, so that each Shikigami has equal power while still having unique characteristics. Each Shikigami will have the opportunity to shine as MVP in every match. Basically, each Shikigami will have 4 skills and 2 support spells, in addition to many greater combinations and abilities. Besides, owning a unique map with mysterious fog forces players to put strategy first.

This also gives players a truly new MOBA experience. At the same time, the game will also bring together many top players from around the world to enhance competition. In addition, along with 5vs5, the game also possesses many other game modes such as 3vs3, goalkeeper, autochess, Onmyoji Arena (Onmyoji MOBA) promises to be the most worth experiencing game this year.


A series of launch events and attractive gifts

To “entertain” Vietnamese players, Onmyoji Arena (Onmyoji MOBA) distributor Dzogame has prepared extremely valuable warm-up gifts such as vouchers to receive Shadow Dreams skin sets, Ema prayer cards, and wish, and 1888 completely free coins and countless opportunities to use Shikigami for modes during the first 2 weeks.

Besides, the 7-day login event that will take place during the first 4 weeks will also overwhelm gamers with great battles along with attractive rewards.

Overview of gifts and launch events upon login Yin Yang Master game MOBA:

  • Log in day 1: Receive permanent Shikigami – Huy Da Co.​

  • Log in on day 2: 10 vouchers to receive the Shadow Dreams skin set.​

  • Login day 3: Rare skin of Huy Da Co – Bright Moon.​

  • Log in on day 4: 7-day trial of Shi Than and Mong May Skin.​

  • Login day 5: 1888 Coins.​

  • Log in on day 6: 3 Shikigami summon tickets.​

  • Log in on day 7: 1 lucky Daruma doll.​


There are also many launch events awaiting such as: (Departure Chapter) Departure Chapter”, (Old Dream Brocade Dress) Jinyi recalls dreams”and Special Offer Package: Permanently selected school skin package exclusively for Vietnamese server players.


Meeting Event with Onmyoji Arena Publisher (Onmyoji MOBA) in Ho Chi Minh City

The “Onmyoji” conference from the game publisher Onmyoji Arena (Onmyoji MOBA) is expected to take place for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of Onmyoji gamers – who are play reached “Yin and yang test” with the game publishing team.

A series of interesting activities will be held during this event that you should not miss, just for Onmyoji followers! In particular, during this event, the Yin Yang Su gaming community and the game publishing team will have the opportunity to exchange, share and answer questions as well as make suggestions and contribute ideas to Yin Yang. Master is growing more and more! After chatting and taking commemorative photos, gratitude gifts will be sent to the most active guests through the activities at the event. Furthermore, special gifts will be given to 3 lucky guests at this event!


Will you be the one chosen to be present at the place where the masters of the Binh An era gather? Download Onmyoji Arena now – Onmyoji MOBA, conquer “Yin and yang test” today.

Join the community and learn more about Onmyoji Arena (Onmyoji Arena) at:

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