Journey to the West VNG: What’s so special about Tam Gioi that makes the CBG gaming community “restless”?

Journey to the West VNG: Great Disturbance in the Three Realms (Journey to the West VNG) is a product with style play CBG (card battle game) and is based on the familiar theme of Journey to the West to give gamers the opportunity to return to their childhood. Possessing the familiar traditional general card strategy gameplay like famous names of this game series such as OMG3Q, Danh Tuong 3Q and increasingly improving the tactical level when possessing diverse gameplay with features such as God Strike, Transformation cards, Heavenly Techniques…

Manufacturer Yoka Games has carefully calculated based on traditional CBG gameplay combined with tweaks and improvements to bring a diverse and rich tactical gameplay. From here, a very special style is also formed that is only found in Tay Du VNG: Dai Nao Tam Gioi.


Turn based gameplay is familiar but with unique variations

Tay Du VNG develops the original gameplay of the CBG game series, players will experience battles with 2×3 turn-based squads. Not stopping there, the game has also had many innovations and created a series of attractive features and benefits for gamers to freely overcome with Lao Ton.


Accordingly, some champions will use a rare skill to summon their defenders. Occasionally when fighting, you will witness the opponent creating another “junior” to fill one of the vacant positions in the squad. This extremely unique “summoning” type skill is often applied quite magically in magic card fighting CBG games but almost does not appear in the general card CBG genre until Western Journey VNG applies it.

The “call me” strategy causes the squad to have…9 generals

In addition, the 2×3 squad also possesses regional multi-target skills. There will be types of area effects such as front row, back row, horizontal row, T-shaped corner… along with single-target and all-target impact skills. Skills are also clearly displayed in battle, helping players easily grasp the situation and are equally beautiful.

Distribute sects differently

Sect is an indispensable part to group individual generals into factions with common origins or fighting styles. Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi has divided its character inventory into 4 sects including Holy Gioi – Fairy Gioi – Minh Gioi – Demon Gioi. The manufacturer also decided to ignore the old elemental conflict ring system and replace it with sect power characteristics.


No sect will be completely inferior to another party that is superior to them. Instead, each group will have different powers that suit their characteristics. This helps deploy tactics according to teams and sects to work independently, without being hindered by superiority or disadvantage just because of elements.

The four sects will have their own strengths, including: Saint Gioi specializes in accumulating combos and using it as a benchmark to increase strength. Tien Gioi uses magic shields and increases his advantage based on that. Minh Gioi will become stronger when a teammate is defeated and also has the ability to summon juniors to fill the gap in the squad. The Demon World uses fire to deal continuous damage and increase power to enemies under this effect.​

Wukong is an outstanding Holy World General with powerful combo attacks

With unique strength characteristics and not subject to that counteracting effect, the way to build a team in Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi is very diverse. Building according to each sect is already powerful in itself, assembling a team that combines multiple factions will be even more interesting.

In particular, Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi also supports players to flexibly change their squad by not limiting inheritance to generals of the same sect.

Attractive benefits, free gacha

With CBG games, hero rotation is a fairly strict limit. Usually there is only one good hero spin offer per day. With Journey to the West, VNG is different when applying the mode of giving away keys to spin generals for free forever. Every day, players will be given a key code by the system that can be exchanged for 10 hero turns. This is an unlimited mode, so if you regularly get the key every day, within 1 year you will have 3,650 free spins.


On the other hand, after the beginner stage, when a certain total number of spins is reached, the Gacha spin function will open the high-level incentive mode. There, after a number of spins, there will be a chance that an orange or red champion will appear according to the list chosen by the gamer. Players just need to choose the 3 champions they want and then wait for them to fall every time they reach the turn milestone. This is a great opportunity for you to still own a red champion even if you have such “black” luck that you can’t find it in gacha.

In particular, Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms also has another extremely attractive benefit. That is, in addition to additional costumes (skins) for champions, all resources in the game can be farmed. There will be no resource that is completely reserved for the “rich”, so everyone will be able to own it. Just by participating diligently in activities, you will be able to accumulate everything from hero cards to treasures. Fame points, battle points used to buy resources in the shop, rewards dropped while fighting bosses, participating in activities… can all help you in one way or another get resources no matter what you want. no matter how rare.


With typical CBG features, Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi has conquered gamers of this genre by optimizing and creating unique and new elements. This familiar way of playing brings new, more interesting experiences while still ensuring ease of familiarity and understanding for gamers passionate about the CBG genre.

Let’s look forward to Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms this coming November and quickly register early today at:

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