Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms – Should I play with the same system or different systems when developing a squad?

The most frequent question for players Journey to the West VNG is how to optimize the strength of the squad. Is choosing all of the same sect more beneficial than picking up different sides to take advantage of more effects?


Overall, a tactical game like Journey to the West VNG: Great Disturbance in the Three Realms (Tay Du VNG) will not have an exact answer for a team called the ultimate strength. It’s only the player’s creative choices that determine how effective combat can be. Playing defensively or attacking, using fire attacks to stifle health or getting stronger through combos, all have their own strengths and limitations.

But in the end, the two schools of the same generation and different schools are still questions that need careful investigation. The following analysis may help gamers see more clearly.

Same denomination – the table is set

Looking at the power interactions of the characters according to the system, we can see that the system of Tay Du VNG is designed to promote strength in the direction of matching generals with the same faction. Characters of the same sect will bond and complement each other’s skills based on their group’s unique strengths.


The roles divided into characters such as healing, buffing, buffing, taking damage, and attacking all have an impact when exploiting their own type of power. The Fairy World has shields, the Holy World has combos, the Underworld has poison and death control, and the Demon World uses fire to bite blood.

On the other hand, general relationships are mostly within the same faction. It is an indirect resource that increases the strength of the generals in the squad if the conditions are optimized. For example, in the Demon World squad, we have the husband and wife relationship of Demon King Niu, the friendship relationship between Hong Hai Nhi and Thanh Nguu.


Not to mention the linked skills not only target one champion but also follow a cluster of multiple champions. The more you open, the stronger the combat power. But most of them are still intertwined within a sect.

Finally, the system of Journey to the West VNG also creates a great condition that allows the change of generals of the same sect into and out of the team, allowing them to inherit everything freely. For champions of other sects, it is only transferred up to +4, the remaining amount is returned with materials and you have to increase many things again. It can be clearly seen that the game’s system gives many incentives to teaming up with the same sect.

Synergy – an explorer’s game

The above analysis does not mean that Journey to the West VNG completely makes it difficult to play many different sects. The game still opens the door for those who want to learn and experiment, but with more difficult challenges.


If you learn about the generals in the Bach Vat Chi list, you can see that in addition to generals that are designed to be locked to factions such as having many connections and skills depending on faction characteristics, there are also generals that are quite independent. For example, when the player combines Nguyet Lao of Tien Gioi in the Holy World or Demon World squad, Nguyet Lao’s +5 breakthrough will increase the damage of the 2 top champions by 20%, helping the champion survive in any formation. also get stronger.

These are signs that Tay Du VNG does not simply support creating teams of the same sect and then putting incentives on them to force players to follow the example. On the contrary, the manufacturer still leaves the door open for teams to coordinate multiple factions. But players need to calculate and experiment a lot to find the best combination. Compensating for the advantages that would have been enjoyed by choosing a team of the same generation is not an easy problem, but it is not impossible to solve.


We can take this type of coordination as an example. Use the 2 strongest fire-generating generals of the Demon Realm, the main character, the healing general with increased shields of the Immortal Realm, the King of Hell and the White Essence of the Underworld. From here, combined with the method of attaching Thien Technique to supplement skills, we will have a team that has a shield, deals fire damage and can survive for a long time like Minh Gioi.

Strategy is balance and Tay Du VNG has created a well-balanced game between teams of the same faction as well as mixed teams. Each method has its own outstanding benefits and weaknesses that can be exploited by the opponent. That is the excitement of strategy games, a game in which each person has their own way of handling and has their own strengths and weaknesses that are not the same as anyone else.

The most important thing is still to select and calculate relevant factors to come up with the most optimal and powerful model.

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