EVE Galaxy Conquest – Strategy Mobile Game in the EVE Online universe revealed

EVE Online has created some of the biggest PvP battles in gaming history, but the title only allows players to control one ship. Set in the same universe but from a very different perspective, EVE Galaxy Conquest is a multiplayer 4X strategy game where players are given command of outposts and entire fleets.


EVE fans are familiar with the factions and warships from the original game, but in the new game they will be able to command entire fleets without having to ask other players to stick to the battle plan.

Bearing the characteristics of a typical 4X battle game, EVE Galaxy Conquest takes players to a modest stronghold surrounded by unexplored space on a disputed star. Galaxy Conquest focuses on PvP elements, with the ability to form alliances or backstab other players to reach the center of the map and take on the ultimate difficult challenge. This journey will involve exploration, mining resources, building and upgrading fleets, and navigating player-controlled military operations in a manner similar to the MMO series.


Galaxy Conquest has a seasonal structure, where each season represents a new beginning with new mechanics and ships. Each season will last several months. Unlike EVE Online, where the process of dominating an area of ​​space can require endless vigilance, joining at the beginning of the season allows players to claim territory without requiring as much time as PC version. Several major NPCs from the EVE universe will also be present in Galaxy Conquest.

EVE Galaxy Conquest will launch beta on Android and iOS later this year. Developers CCP Games They haven’t announced any plans for a PC version yet, but they haven’t ruled out the possibility.


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