Could Final Fantasy XVI be coming to XBox and Switch 2?

Celebrating one year since its release Final Fantasy XVI is approaching, the game also seems to be entering the final stages of development. The Rising Tide, the game’s second and final piece of DLC, will be released in April, and the game’s PC launch is also in the final stages of optimization. After these two major events are completed, will the game no longer be supported? Producer Naoki Yoshida responded to this question, hinting at other ideas, including porting the game to platforms other than PC.


Speaking with Noisy Pixel at PAX East, Yoshida revealed that fans may not need to say goodbye to FF16. When asked if he and the team had difficulty saying goodbye to the game’s characters upon the release of the final DLC, Yoshida replied: “It’s not over yet with the PC version. After the PC version is released, we are thinking of bringing the game to other platforms.”

Although Yoshida did not specify what the “other platforms” were, the technical requirements to run the game narrowed the options. The most obvious candidate is none other than the Xbox Series X/S. Another work by Yoshida that also belongs to the Final Fantasy brand, FF14, was ported to Xbox this year. As the biggest budget single-player title in the series, FF16 has more in common with titles like FF7 Remake than it does with FF14. And while Remake seems unlikely to ever come to Xbox, that seems like an exception.


Another possibility is that FF16 could be brought to a new console that has not been clarified. With rumors swirling about a successor to the Nintendo Switch, there’s always the possibility that an FF16 port for Switch 2 will appear. However, the Switch 2’s rumored specs indicate that its hardware power is only comparable to that of the PS4 and Xbox One, so FF16 will still have to be heavily optimized to appear on the platform. .

Until Yoshida and team share more specific details, Xbox and Nintendo gamers can always hold out hope. PC players can be pleased to know that they’ll be getting their hands on the game soon, and PS5 players will be able to say goodbye to Clive and friends when The Rising Tide is released on April 18.


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