Celebrating his 14th birthday, Kiem The launches Song Kiem Phi Thien – a new server “2009 standard”

September 19, Kiem The New server launch Twin Swords Flying Thien in cluster 2009 with interesting and attractive points for players. 5 years, 10 years and soon 14 years, Kiem The proudly reaches important milestones that every game aspires to. Independence helps the Kiem The brand stand strong, but the PC version itself is a fierce monument in the hearts of gamers who are true swordplay fans.

Overcoming the storm of doubt to become a game that claims to be the king of all directions

On September 9, 2009, Kiem The officially launched with unique features such as Bach Ho Duong, Tang Bao Do, Gia Toc, along with a series of unique mission and skill systems. Nearly a month later, Kiem The quickly shined when reaching 160,000 players logged in at the same time (CCU). Gradually, gamers became more familiar and attached to Kiem The with 14 million players just after a short time of release. The game was supported and recognized for its efforts, dispelling doubts when it had the starting position as the successor of Vo Lam Truyen Ky. Most joyfully, Kiem The was crowned “king of the swordplay role-playing game” and has maintained this title for more than a decade.

A daily boss battle with an extremely fierce clan scale

In the early context of the Vietnamese gaming industry, although it was not the first game with the theme of swordplay and love, the characteristics of Kiem The have become legends of this game series until later. The community talks about Kiem The as a phenomenon when it brings together all 12 typical sects of the love swordplay game series, an extensive feature set and diverse events in the bustling martial arts world.

One of the largest and most powerful guilds in Kien The in the past

Kiem The is the birthplace of “phi Phong” (cloak), a pioneer in combining the “auto” feature for gamers to wholeheartedly experience the fascinating world of swordplay, the game of “spinning cocks” with dignity. From here it also becomes a brand. There are very unique features that are unique to Kiem The, but there are also things from Kiem The that become unique, becoming standards for upgrading future role-playing swordplay games.

A prosperous community strengthens the king’s position

The king’s reputation is maintained not only by gameplay but also by famous and quality community activities. Kiem The always regularly organizes offline Dai Kiem Association events that bring together tens of thousands of gamers, the famous Guild Guild Competition tournament, a talented playground for female swordsmen Tuyet Sac Giai Nhan, or other events. giving attractive technology gifts… these are the things that have attracted more and more players to Kiem The.

Dai Kiem Hoi has helped Kiem The shape its name to become a popular online tournament brand.

After 14 years, Kiem The has had a certain position in the Vietnamese game market with the same strong attraction as the first day, something that very few games at the same time achieved. This is a mark created from the efforts of listening, sharing and receiving community opinions from the game’s executive board. At each stage of Kiem The’s development, no matter what the operating strategy is, the team behind is always committed to putting the user at the center, bringing the best and most interesting entertainment experience to players.

The VNG executive board organized a gamer meeting to interact and listen to the community in 2013.

The past decade has seen this gaming community grow in number and also mature in age. Because Kiem The still has players accompanying him from 2009 until today, people who left and then returned. Among these are also new members who have just joined the Kiem The experience because of the series of classic features that are often praised by their predecessors. Whether it is to maintain or build the community, Kiem The gamers still bond closely when sharing the same passion with the king of the role-playing swordplay game series.

Twin Kiem Phi Thien – full of memories of a generation

On September 19, the new server Song Kiem Phi Thien in the Memories 2009 cluster will open to celebrate Kiem The’s 14th anniversary in the Vietnamese market. Along with other servers in this cluster, Song Kiem Phi Thien will bring the 2009 standard experiences that once won the hearts of the gaming community in the past.

Are you ready to hunt bosses with your friends on the new server Song Kiem Phi Thien?

“The King” still takes steady and steady steps with the warm support of Mr Kiem The community. These are no longer simple players but deep impressions, memories and youth that the whole generation has conveyed. Let’s look forward to the day Twin Kiem Phi Thien appears and relive beautiful memories with upcoming special features!​

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