Accused of cheating, former pro gamer livestreamed with 5 cameras to prove his innocence

Yesterday Charlie “MuTeX” Saoumaone streamer famous above Twitch With more than 600,000 followers, there was a very special livestream with the presence of 5 different cameras. It is known that the reason he did this was to prove that he was not hack/cheats in Call of Duty.

Saouma was originally a professional Call of Duty player. After retiring, he switched to becoming a streamer. On July 7, he was sick YouTuber Badboy Beamen accused of cheating during the livestream. Badboy Beamen accused Saouma of using Cronus, a software that can modify console controller input.​


Saouma immediately clarified on Twitter, he admitted that there was 3rd party software on his PC but that was what was left after he played. Call of Duty: World War II professional. According to Saouma, many players used Cronus in the tournament because it helped the controller connect to the PC better. Additionally, Cronus software also has a “tournament mode,” which disables features that give unfair advantages.

However, yesterday, Badboy continued to post on forums accusing Saouma of lying. Badboy posted a few scenes and screenshots taken from a recent livestream video of Saouma, in which the male streamer is deleting the software. However, it can be seen that Saouma installed Cronus on his PC this year, which is in sharp contrast to the male streamer’s statement “this is what’s left after playing professionally”.​


For a famous streamer like Saouma, accusations of hacking/cheating will cause very serious consequences for his reputation and future. Therefore, this streamer immediately organized a special livestream with 5 camera angles, showing his entire PC, console handle, face, screen and overall livestream angle. He also spent nearly 20 minutes explaining his settings as well as refuting the claim that he installed Cronus this year. Although many people believe and support Saouma, others are still skeptical of the male streamer.

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