A filter appears for fans to transform into characters in Demon Slayer

With an engaging storyline and impressive cast of characters, Demon Slayer has caused a fever in the world anime Global. So have you ever wished you could become a character in Demon Slayer and own your own skills? Fans can completely fulfill part of that wish with the newly released filter below.

Recently Demon Slayer cooperated with Japanese phone company au to develop a filter that allows users to transform into Demon Slayer’s Hashira. To announce this filter, au released a commercial with Ryunosuke Kamiki – who is widely known for voicing the characters Boh of Spirited Away and Taki of Your Name.

These filters are exclusive to Instagram, allowing users to use many different powers of the Hashira guild, from Nezuko’s Blood Demon Magic in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 until Rengoku’s Breath of Fire.​


Interested readers can experience it filter Demon Slayer This at https://bit.ly/3uOVNTN. After choosing your favorite character’s filter, click on the orange frame below the filter to be transferred to the Instagram interface and try this new filter (before that, remember to register an account and install the Instagram application at my phone).

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