To celebrate the game’s introduction, the studio owner gave employees 260 PS5s

In Playstation Showcase took place last week, Sony has brought players a lot of information about anticipated new games, including Project EVE. To celebrate the successful introduction of the game, the boss of Shift Upthe developer Project EVE decided to give away PS5 for employees in the company.

Director of Shift Up Kim Hyung Tae bought a total of 260 brand new PS5s to give to all employees at its Korean studio. This special gift is placed at each employee’s desk before they come to work to surprise them. Based on current market prices, each PS5 costs 500 USD, so the cost to buy 260 PS5s is 13,000 USD (about 2.96 billion VND).

Not only to congratulate the initial success of Project EVE, there is also another reason why Kim Hyung Tae gave this surprise gift to his employees. He said Project EVE will be released on PS5, he hopes all his employees can play the game he created.​



Project EVE is a game ARPG Set in the near future when humanity has been expelled from Earth by an invading force called NA:tives. Players take on the role of Eve, a survivor of a colonial paratrooper squadron, and fight to reclaim their beloved planet from the invaders. With charming graphics that take full advantage of the power of PS5, Project Eve promises to bring players a great combat experience.​

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