The developer “plays tricks” and bribes players to get good reviews

Above Steam, reviews from the gaming community about the game are considered reliable criteria to consider the quality of the game, helping other players know whether to buy and experience this product or not. For that reason, there was a cunning developer “playing tricks” to manipulate this review.

Shinobi Warfare is a title role-playing game turn-based is developed by the developer TechnoTal released in June 2022. On Steam, this game recorded more than 3,000 reviews from players and up to 95% of them were positive. But recently, it was discovered that on the official Shinobi Warfare Discord forum, the developer promised to give 1000 gems (in-game currency) to the player, as long as that person leaves a good comment about the game. game titles on Steam.

Developers “bribe” players to get positive reviews on Steam

According to VGC’s investigation, most reviews about this game are very short and simple. The comments constantly use words like “nostalgic” or mention their childhood, most likely this is content that was “pre-cooked” by the developer to PR for their product. It seems that Steam has also noticed these unusual moves, currently all reviews of this game on Steam have been deleted due to violating Steam’s Terms of Service.​

Currently all reviews of the game have been deleted

It can be said that this action brings negative impacts to Steam players in particular and the gaming community in general. If this phenomenon becomes popular, players will lose a reliable source of reference information, and then waste time and money on poor quality or unsuitable games.

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