Suffering from cyber violence, developer Stray Souls announced its closure when it had just released the game

Jukai Studios – developer of the title horror game act Stray Souls just announced that they will be officially closing. This information was released right after the game’s publisher, Versus Evil, also prepared to end its 10-year journey in the gaming industry.

In a share on X, Jukai Studio revealed that he encountered many operating problems, in addition, his debut work did not receive positive feedback from both critics and the gaming community. The situation becomes even worse when they become victims of cyber violence. The post also adds that this studio actually only consists of two core members, the founder along with a few contract collaborators. With such a thin staff, it is difficult for Jukai to maintain or bring any significant improvements to its “child”.


It is known that after its release in late October, Stray Souls was harshly criticized and considered one of the worst rated games on the market. Steam in 2023. Currently this horror game is still being sold on Steam at a 25% discount.

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