Netizens are horrified by the Otaku community’s hobby of realistic cat backpacks

First introduced in April via Twitter, the backpacks and handbags feature “kings” from an artist. Japan whose stage name is Pico is making young people in general and “lotus girls” in particular quickly crazy. Not only do they look exactly like real cats, these works can also “pose” and change their eyes differently, but according to many people, these cats look very… scary, typically back unlocking action

On Pico’s online store, these beautiful works of art are offered for sale at a starting price of 130,000 Yen (About 1180 USD), but currently there are no products for sale. Let’s take a look at these unique products from Pico.

Recently, according to ANA News, these bags are being widely counterfeited in Chinese factories and sold through websites with photos of Pico products. After being launched in April, by May, fake bag models appeared everywhere. A spokesman for these factories said orders came from all over the world and many people had to wait up to a month to receive their goods.

This is understandable because Pico’s works are so hot, but they are made entirely by hand so they can only be produced in a limited quantity each year. Making a backpack or handbag can take from 3 to 6 months, so to meet the great demand from buyers, there is only industrial production. There is not only one retailer but also many online stores selling these counterfeit products, of course their quality cannot be equal to Pico’s originals.

The knock-off version looks less… scary to many people.

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