Demon Slayer producer admitted to evading hundreds of millions of yen in taxes

Last July, Kotaku reported that Tokyo prosecutors had charged the animation studio Ufotable and co-founder and CEO Hikaru Kondo sin not paying taxes about half a billion yen from anime franchising activities, cafe business, selling items through intermediary channels, …

And in the hearing held last Friday, CEO Hikaru Kondo admitted his tax evasion by not paying up to 138 million yen. In addition, Mr. Kondo also apologized, admitting that he did not think what he did would affect and cause big trouble for Ufotable.

CEO Hikaru Kondo.

According to TAIHEN Entertainment, the prosecution will also investigate allegations of tax fraud after the movie. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train grossed half a billion dollars in box office revenue globally last year. Responding to the above information, Ufotable’s representative stated that the company will find ways to correct the violations and refund taxes before due date so as not to affect future anime production activities.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train achieved record sales last year, surpassing the monument Spirited Away.

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