Buying a Steam Deck but having to hide it like a sensitive item, turns out this is the reason

In a post on Reddit, a player said he had just become the victim of a theft when his car was stolen Steam Deck His “flying without wings” while never meeting its owner. This share immediately attracted a lot of interaction from the community because many people had similar experiences as this player.

This player from Seattle said he received a notification Steam The deck I bought was delivered, but when I went down to look for it, I couldn’t find the package. After looking around the stairs, he only found an empty box, gaming machine inside has disappeared. In addition, the delivery image on the app was also quite suspicious, he contacted the customer service department in the hope that they could assist him in resolving this issue.


Below the comments section, another user was in the same situation. His adapter, gloves and charger were still in the box, only the Steam Deck was stolen.

Faced with this problem, some users suggested Valve should take better measures to protect its customers, such as removing product names on shipping labels – the same thing happens with sensitive products. However, temporarily, the developer has not yet made any announcement about changing the way Steam Decks are shipped.

Not just the Steam Deck, many of them console. console Others also encountered such blatant theft. For example when PS5 Just released, a shipper blatantly stole the console – a birthday gift from a 16-year-old boy. Not only that, there are also gangs ready to block and rob PS5s while they are being transported on cargo trucks.​

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