The indie game allows players to collect mythical creatures like Pokemon

Home of the Yokai belong to Rayka Studio will bring the yokai Come to life in a world inspired by Eastern fantasy legends. The game will combine gameplay Collect creatures and combat with construction and management elements. Players can collect over 300 yokai, including both evolutions and originals, many of which come from Eastern folklore.


The player takes on the role of a young Yokai keeper who is traveling to the Land of the Ancients. Although the game’s plot is quite linear, players can still explore several open areas and take on new missions. In more remote areas, players can encounter more dangerous enemies with richer rewards.

During their travels, players will have the opportunity to capture various yokai, participate in battles, go fishing, and build and upgrade their own village. Players can rescue NPCs while exploring. Helped characters will settle in the player’s village and open new buildings, such as restaurants, shops, or gardens. These architectures will bring new benefits, such as yokai training or craft items.

Players will fight yokai in encounters in their world and can also duel other Yokai guardians. When participating in matches, players can use spells to fight with their yokai friends. Spells also have the effect of sealing or capturing yokai and can only be used in environmental encounters. The battle between guardians will open up a 12v12 battlefield where the number of yokai facing each other can be up to 24.

Yokai have their own strengths and weaknesses in battle, with different elemental types and resistances tied to their appearance and lore. Even if you have two yokai of the same type, they both have unique fighting skills, talents, and innate abilities. Each yokai also has their own specialties when living in the village, such as cooking or farming. In addition, a breeding system is being developed that will assist players in breeding a yokai of their choice.

Home of the Yokai will launch on PC via Steam on July 10 with English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language support.


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