Supergiant Games reveals Hades 2 Early Access launch plans

Supergiant Games announced release plans Hades 2 form Early Access in the next year. The game will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store in Q2 2024. Specific timeline, pricing and system requirements will be confirmed closer to release.


Prior to the Early Access release, the developer will hold a technical test also in Q2 2024. The test will have less content than the Early Access version and be limited to a small group of people play, those who are really interested in the project rogue-like This.

Following the launch of Early Access, the studio plans to gradually add the remaining core content of the game and refine it all through a series of updates. The plot will expand with each update, introducing more characters and deepening the relationships between characters. This process will end when Supergiant Games releases version v1.0. This version will write the ending to the story and complete other aspects of the game.

“We still don’t know exactly how long it will take for version 1.0 of Hades II to be complete,” the developer said. Our experience developing season 1 during Early Access taught us to expect the unexpected. Right now, our focus is on continuing to build out the core content — environments, characters, weapons, Boons, story events, music, etc. — in preparation for the Technical Trials and Early Access process”.

Hades 2 was announced last December. This is the sequel to Hades 1, the game that won many Game of the Year awards. Hades 1 officially released in September 2020 after launching in Early Access in December 2018.​

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