Orcs Must Die 3 officially signed with Steam

Orcs Must Die 3 debuted as Stadia exclusive game a year ago and the title can finally come to more traditional platforms. During the PC Gaming Show event, the developer confirmed that OMD3 will release on traditional platforms (including PC) on July 23.


Orcs Must Die 3’s Steam page has gone live and fans can pre-order the game for $29.99/ 250,000 VND. Orcs Must Die 3 was initially given away for free with the Stadia Pro subscription service. Pre-order players will receive character and weapon skins.

Orcs Must Die 3 has many characteristics of an action/tower defense game. The game still has the traditional levels of the above game series, but the new point of Orcs Must Die 3 lies in the large-scale battles (War Scenarios), players will face waves of Orcs equipped with weapons and weapons. Giant traps in the story campaign.

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