Naughty Dog “killed” the multiplayer The Last of Us project


To the disappointment of many fans, Naughty Dog announced to stop development The Last of Us Online. This highly anticipated multiplayer game is intended to expand the storyline of The Last of Us series. The game’s cancellation is making fans wonder about the future of the action-adventure series.

As one of the most famous video games of all time, The Last of Us has resonated thanks to its breathtaking gameplay, emotional storytelling, and well-crafted cast of characters. The first two installments of the series left a strong impression on fans and they were very excited to learn that Naughty Dog would expand the world of The Last of Us to Multiplayer genre. Unfortunately for those who were hoping to experience The Last of Us Online, the developer has put an end to the project.


In an announcement on Naughty Dog’s official website, the studio revealed that development on The Last of Us Online has permanently ended. The Last of Us Online was originally developed in parallel with The Last of Us Part 2. Naughty Dog explained that the cancellation of The Last of Us Online was to allow the studio to pursue other projects. According to the announcement, the developer had to make the difficult decision between perfecting The Last of Us Online, providing expanded online content and support after the game’s launch, or focusing on developing new content. experience single-player new. After careful consideration, the studio chose the second option.

With rumors about The Last of Us Part 3 continuing to circulate in the community, fans have had mixed reactions to the cancellation of The Last of Us Online. Many people were sad because the game could satisfy the thirst for multiplayer elements from The Last of Us Faction. Some other players are still optimistic and support the studio’s focus on single-player games because they believe that when Naughty Dog focuses on single-player games, the possibility of completely new IPs appearing is very high. High. However, according to some people, the single-player games that Naughty Dog is working on could be remakes and remasters. Whether the studio is developing new IP or expanding beloved franchises, one thing is certain: fans will have the opportunity to experience more single-player games from Naughty Dog.

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