Lost Hellden – New JRPG from the developers of Final Fantasy and Valkyrie Chronicles


Artisan Studios – where developers with extensive experience with the game series gather JRPGwith contributions from artist Takeshi Oga (Gravity Rush, FFXIV, Siren) and sound director Hitoshi Sakimoto (FFXII, Valkyria Chronicles, Tactics Ogre – announced Lost Hellden. This new hand-drawn JRPG is expected to launch on PC and Console in 2025.

In Lost Hellden, players take control of eight highly customizable characters through a journey determined by The Seven Deadly Sins (Seven Deadly Sins). The game takes place on a planet called Era, where the citizens are bound to one of their Seven Deadly Sins through a religious ritual known as the Nexus Ritual. Throughout their lives, the inhabitants of the Era are forced to fight against the urge to transform into ravenous, mindless beasts. If this happens, representatives of the Unio religion, the Arkhons will destroy any monsters that appear.

And until one day, the twins Leht and Cyphel was born – something that had never happened before. The supreme leader of the planet Era, Prime Arkhon, wanted to personally perform the Nexus Ritual on the twins, but things went wrong: Leht was bound by all seven deadly sins, while Cyphel was free from it. What a great sin? The twins were taken to the capital Avilah, where they were raised as disciples of Arkhon and were never allowed to leave the sanctuary. But one day, Leht escaped from the city and Cyphel was sent to find and bring back the twin brother, accompanied by Arkhons, Gram and Enki.

Artisan Studios has introduced three characters and will share information about the others in the future. Readers can learn more about this cast of characters on the game’s official website here. Lost Hellden will release in 2025 on PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S. The game will also be available on PC through Epic Games Store, GOG and Steam.


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