How To Assemble Pie Face Game

Pie Face is a popular game that has become very popular in recent years. It consists of a base, spinner, and pie throwing arm. Assembling the game is easy and can be done quickly with only a few supplies. This article will provide detailed instructions on how to assemble the Pie Face game so that it can be enjoyed by all.

The first step to assembling Pie Face is gathering the necessary supplies. A list of components and tools needed for assembly can be found in the instruction manual included with the game. These components include but are not limited to: plastic base, spinner, pie throwing arm, screws, screwdriver, hammer or mallet (depending on what type of screws are included). Once these supplies are gathered they should be laid out where they can easily be accessed while assembling the game.

Gather Supplies

In this step, the necessary materials for completing the project will be gathered. To begin assembling a Pie Face Game, it is important to locate all of the necessary components from the game’s packaging. Depending on the version of Pie Face Game purchased, these components may include one or more Pie Face Throwing Arms, a slingshot base, two handles, a chin rest and splash guard mask with sponges, plastic cream containers and spinners. Additionally it is recommended that users read through the instructions that come with their specific version of the game. It is beneficial to have an understanding of the rules before beginning assembly. Before attempting to assemble any part of the game it is important to ensure that all parts are present and accounted for in order to avoid confusion during later steps.

To begin assembly correctly users should start by connecting both handles onto either side of the base so that they firmly slide into place. Once connected make sure both handles are secure and do not move freely from their position on either side of the base structure. After successfully attaching both handles move onto placing two sponge pieces at either end of the throwing arm piece which will connect directly into its designated slot within each handle previously set in place on either side of the base structure. It is important to ensure each sponge piece fits snugly within its position along with making sure both pieces are securely fastened together before moving onto additional steps in assembling this toy game set.

Following these initial steps users can now attach two plastic cream containers as well as installing one spinning disk per container before finally positioning them atop either handle previously installed onto each side of base platform structure provided with purchase package items. Connecting each spinner requires firm pressure so users should apply slight downward pressure while turning each dial until securely tightened into desired position and ready for use during next steps when playing this classic family fun board game time-honored tradition passed down through generations young and old alike!

Unpack and Lay Out Pieces

Upon unpacking the components of the product, the necessary pieces should be laid out in order to prepare for assembly. It is important to read the instructions and check that all components are present before beginning. This will ensure that there are no missing parts or incorrect pieces. Additionally, it can help save time later on as one can have a better idea of what needs to be done and how each piece fits together during assembly.

When laying out the pieces, make sure they are grouped according to type so that they are easier to identify when looking for specific items. For example, the game board should be placed separately from all other components such as dice, spinner, handles, arms etc., in order for them to be easily accessible once it’s time for assembly. Furthermore, it is helpful if any accessories such as batteries or tools required for assembly are also kept close by in case these need to be used at any point during setup.

All of this preparation allows one to get a good overview of what needs to be done and helps make sure that no important steps are skipped over or misunderstood while assembling the game. Thus ensuring a successful outcome with minimal issues along the way.

Assemble The Base

Having laid out the various components, it is time to begin constructing the base of the product. It is important to read instructions carefully and check that all parts are accounted for before assembling. The base should be made up of four plastic pieces which will form a square shape when correctly put together. To assemble these pieces together, there are eight screws that need to be fixed in place using a screwdriver or similar tool. The correct arrangement of these screws must be observed during assembly; two screws lie at each corner of the square and one screw in between them on either side.

Once all eight screws have been tightened securely, it is necessary to check if they have been locked into position properly. This can be done by lightly tapping on each corner with a small hammer or mallet, as well as testing whether they move when pulled slightly apart from each other. If any movement is felt or heard then it indicates that the screws have not been secured properly and must be adjusted accordingly until all four corners remain completely stationary when tested.

After this checking process has been completed successfully, the base should now firmly hold its shape and remain stable when placed onto a flat surface such as a table or flooring area. This serves as an indication that assembly of the base was successful and it is ready for further construction steps involved in completing Pie Face Game setup.

Attach the Spinner

The next step in the construction process is to attach the spinner. The spinner component of the Pie Face game comes as two separate pieces which must be connected together. To attach them, one should fit the circular end of one piece into the center hole of the other piece. This will form a handle shape, with a circle at one end and an arrow pointing in one direction on the other end. The spin direction indicated by this arrow is important for following game rules correctly; it indicates which player’s turn it is to take their chance of getting ‘pie-faced’.

Once both pieces are connected securely, choose a spot for attaching them to the base and apply pressure until they snap into place. A secure fit between all components is essential for proper functioning and fair play during game time. After attaching these pieces to each other and then attaching them to the base, you have finished building your Pie Face game!

Game preparation includes selecting playing pieces, reading through game rules again if necessary, placing whipping cream or wet sponge in front of each player (optional), setting up a timer (optional) and deciding how many rounds you want to play before declaring a winner!

Add the Pie Throwing Arm

Attaching the Pie Throwing Arm is the next step in completing the construction of this game. To begin, it is important to test different strategies for where to place the arm. It should be located at a height that will challenge players without causing them to strain or feel uncomfortable. At the same time, it should be placed close enough that players can reach it easily with their hands and arms. The arm should also be positioned so that when spun, its attached disc has enough room to move freely and throw pies accurately.

The Pie Throwing Arm is connected to a disc which has pre-cut slots for pie pieces. Once these are placed in their slots, they can then be attached firmly onto the spinner board by inserting two screws into each piece and tightening them securely. Before doing this, however, make sure each slot is facing outwards from the board and lined up correctly on top of one another – if not done correctly this could cause a misalignment later on when spinning the disc.

It’s also important to ensure that all pieces are tightened together properly before playing – any loose discs or pieces may cause problems when attempting to spin or launch pies accurately during gameplay. After checking all pieces have been securely tightened together, then pie face game assembly is complete and ready for play!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can play Pie Face?

Pie Face is a classic game that two to four players of any skill level can enjoy. Players are split into two teams and each team has to complete the same duties in order to win the game. These duties involve rolling dice, spinning wheels, flipping cards and more. The objective of the game is for each player or team to move their pieces around the board as quickly as possible while avoiding getting “pie-faced” by loading cream onto their opponents’ face before they reach the finish line.

Is Pie Face suitable for younger children?

Pie Face is a game suitable for younger children, depending on the safety precautions taken. The game rules should be followed closely to minimize risk of harm during play. It is important to observe age-appropriate guidelines when playing Pie Face and make sure that any components that could become detached are not easily accessible to small children. In addition, it is advisable to supervise young players at all times while they are playing the game.

How long does it take to assemble the game?

Pie Face is an age-appropriate game for younger children, but the assembly process can be time consuming. Assembling all of the pieces requires some skill and patience, with most people taking between thirty minutes to an hour to complete the game. It is important to follow each step carefully during the assembly process as some of the pieces are delicate and require extra attention. To ensure proper assembly, it is best to read through the instructions thoroughly before starting.

How much space is needed to play the game?

Playing Pie Face requires a certain amount of space, depending on the number of players. Generally speaking, it is best to have enough room so that gamers can move around without overcrowding issues and maintain safety tips such as keeping hands away from the face pie thrower. The ideal environment should be spacious enough so that all players can enjoy the game without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

What type of cream or wet sponge should be used when playing?

When playing the Pie Face game, it is recommended to use a wet sponge or cream alternative. A wet sponge can be any type of natural or synthetic material that has been soaked in water and then wrung out before use. Cream alternatives are non-dairy creams such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or vegetable oil that have been whipped until fluffy. Both options should be used sparingly and with caution as too much cream may cause the game pieces to become slippery and create an uneven playing field.


The Pie Face Game is a fun, family-friendly game that can provide hours of entertainment. To assemble it, one must first gather all the necessary pieces and lay them out. The base of the game needs to be assembled by connecting the two halves and attaching the handles. After this, the spinner should be attached to the arm in order for it to work properly. Finally, attach the arm with pie throwing sponge and you are ready to play! With proper assembly, this classic game will bring countless hours of enjoyment for people of all ages. Enjoying quality time with friends and family while playing this unique game can create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come!