Dying Light has just released free DLC for gamers

After six years, four months and three weeks, a well-known developer has updated the title with new content horror action game, set in their open world setting. In 2018, this same developer announced part 2 of the above blockbuster game but the plan was delayed until the end of this year. This is the story about Dying Light – the game revolves around punching zombies before being punched by them.


Developers Techland just released a free update for Dying Light. Specifically DLC Hellraid of Dying Light will have a new story. Hellraid was originally introduced as a separate game in 2014. However, development plans were frozen and Hellraid was later released in July 2020 as DLC for Dying Light.

Before adding new content, Hellraid had a fairly light plot, focusing on using a mysterious game engine to enter a haunted world, where players fight demons with weapons. imaginary gases instead of real objects like riveted baseball bats. Players just need to destroy everything that appears in the first-person copy.

Hellraid’s new content revolves around a trip to explore a new area to rescue the magician Lucius and includes three missions. Players can do missions in single player or co-op mode. In addition to content updates, Hellraid also received an overhaul of the lighting system, inventory system, and minimap. Readers can read updated details here.​

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