Appota launches the first white paper on Esports in Vietnam

As an active member of the Association electronic Sports Vietnamese Entertainment (VIRESA), Appota Esports Very honored and proud to be able to contribute, no matter how small, to the country’s Electronic Sports industry and look forward to a strong future development of the industry. Esports Vietnam.

This is the first year VIRESA cooperates with Appota Esports to release an annual document to provide important information in the field of Esports to individuals, organizations and businesses so that everyone can operate smoothly. effectively, promoting the development of a professional e-sports environment in Vietnam.

The first white paper on Vietnamese e-sports is an official document released annually by VIRESA in collaboration with Appota Group as a content producer. This is an official document, summarizing the panorama of e-sports in Vietnam as well as updating the latest trends in the world.

In particular, the white paper’s content has been evaluated by more than 50 experts working in the Esports industry in Vietnam along with more than 10,000 survey samples nationwide. Appota and VIRESA hope this will be a useful reference for businesses, organizations and investors who are or wish to enter the potential and vibrant Esports market in Vietnam.


Esports in Vietnam thrived in 2020 and became a popular form of entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. 80% of players think they have spent more time exposed to Esports content during the social distancing period.

Accordingly, 52.5% play Esports games every day with an average time of 2 hours and 55 minutes. Broadcast platforms also recorded a surge in Esports content. Typically, the number of views on Facebook Gaming increased by 81.37% during the Covid-19 pandemic, interactions and coverage also increased by 50% and 79.6%, respectively.​

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